Quick Swatch – OPI Do You Sea What I Sea

IMG_0606💙 Hey everyone! 💙

Here is a look at the summery (I get July vibes from this lol) OPI Do You Sea What I Sea 🌊nail colour (this is Infinite Shine and it’s available in normal lacquer, and I think gel  too).

This is a look at one thin coat (pinky), and two thin coats (not pinky 😁) – my two thin coats is probably closer to a normal person’s one coat application so I thought I’d show both. I’ve not got much patience, so I like doing thin coats that dry quicker than I can add another rather than doing thicker coats which seem to take ages to dry. It probably works out the same in the end time-wise though.

This is 3 coats and I really love this colour – it’s dreamy and like a space mermaid would wear lol. My pics don’t do it justice.

This is a summer colour I’d defo recommend – perfect for day or night looks!


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