Reviewing…Impulse Tropical Beach and Espresso Body Mist Set


☀️💛 Happy summer everyone! 💛☀️

It’s actually starting to feel a bit more summery so I’m happy I’ve got some sunny yellow on this post.

I bring you today a little look at this Impulse Bath Bomb and Body Mist set that I received – the mist is Tropical Beach + Espresso scented and definitely not one I would have picked for myself so I was really curious to try this myself.

First up, the mist – I was expecting a really strong coffee scent with this but I didn’t really pick that up; it’s more of a fake tan kinda smell (which I guess is where the Tropical Beach comes in since most tans have a beachy Malibu, coconut-kinda smell before they develop).

I spritzed on some more then the coffee became a little more prominent but I think that’s just because I was looking for it; if I was smelling this without being aware of the name I definitely don’t think I would have picked out coffee as one of the scents.


Now to the bath bomb – when you first open the gift set packaging you smell this straight away! It’s super fruity.

The packaging says it’s mango and I think they have the smell pretty spot on. 🥭

It turned the bath gorgeous sunny yellow (at first) a definite positivity booster 😁 then by the end of the bath it was green and to be fair to Impulse it was pretty close to mango skin green – I think they got it pretty spot on, especially when they’re not know for bath bombs.


Recommended? – Don’t let the espresso put you off, if you like beachy, suntan kinda scents, this will be a summer winner for you 💛

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