Reviewing..Little Mix Simple Hydrating Primer

little-mix-simple-primer-review💗 Hey everyone! 💗

Let me introduce you to this little beaut’ that was 79p in Home Bargains! You’ve probs seen it in Superdrug etc. as the Little Mix Simple collection has been out for a little while now though it was a little more expensive, but at 79p I was finally enticed to buy it.

As you can see from the tube it can be used as a normal primer under makeup; mixed with moisturiser; or as a hydrator to specifically target dry areas.

Yayyy – no parabens 👏 (always something to be careful with with more affordable brands).


PLUS POINT – Straight out the tube it looks like a little droplet of water 💧- it’s not white, creamy, shimmery etc. so won’t leave a tint on your face.

I will upload a pic of this on the skin shortly – the lighting wasn’t great (primer is tricky to photograph) so I will wait for more natural, daylight but was just desi to get this post up quick lol 🙈

It felt like it absorbed into my skin quickly – didn’t leave it greasy as at all – but that also meant I didn’t really feel like it had an effect.

Recommended? – If you can find it in Home Bargains for 79p then it’s defo worth a try, as mentioned though, I couldn’t feel or see much/any difference but may change that opinion when I can take some pics in better lighting and actually see if there are any pore/texture differences with it on

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