Birchbox All American June 2020 Box


Hey y’all 🇺🇸 bringing you a little peek at the June Birchbox – thought I’d keep it til a little later in the month since it’s perfect the build up to Independence Day with it’s Red, White, and Blue, stars and All-American theme.

I did wonder why it wasn’t the July box but since a lot of people don’t get their boxes til later in the month (mine arrived around the 15th) it makes sense  since so many would receive it after the 4th of July.

Like the “Born in the USA” title suggests, all the brands are American; and the box contains:

Magnitone Wipe Out Eco Friendly Micro Fibre Cleansing Cloth – At first I thought this was a more enivronmentally-friendly face cloth, though upon reading it says it can remove makeup with just water (worth a test on some items that usually take remover or micellar water me thinks – will let you know how it goes).

Winky Lux Eye Primer – They sent the wrong shade!!! Lol – I won’t be able to use this so will giveaway (message me if you are interested – the shade is Medium)

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask – I am familiar with this brand since it used to be stocked by Sally’s – they stopped stocking it a while ago – and it’s so nice to see it again. From my previous experience Amika smelt lovely and was great quality

Patchology Rejuvenating Eye Gels – Have tried quite a few undereye gels like these thanks to Birchbox now – will update you if these are anything amazing

Real Chemistry Fresh Start Foaming Cleanser – The item that excites me most – my skin realllllly needs a deep cleanse and a fresh start like this one mentions – it hasn’t fared well over lock down months (will update and link how it goes)

Plus a note on Black Lives Matter which states their support and some of the donations they are making  💗 – I’ve included a little closeup below if you’d like to read it


I haven’t been too active blogging this month but it has definitely weighed on me that I haven’t yet mentioned Black Lives Matter – at the start I felt (and still feel) like no one’s interested in my views and it’s felt like a lot of people just wanted to make a quick statement that didn’t necessarily feel genuine.

Being from Scotland I haven’t seen or encountered much racism, and have been totally unaware of how harsh and heartbreaking things have really been in the US (seeing a few things in movies and on TV was never enough to show how brutal and awful things actually were/are in reality). Because you yourself aren’t racist and you’re not surrounded by people who are you can sometimes feel like that’s everyone’s view too – then you realise you’ve been incredibly silly and naive (talking about myself in this case) – I am one of the people definitely in need of education about these matters and didn’t want to mention anything until I had started to do so.

One heartening thing to take forward is that we are making positive moves forward, being mindful, making sure these attitudes aren’t carried forward into younger generations, and do what we can to make sure racism ends.

Black lives matter 🖤



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