Scent Review – Victoria’s Secret Cool and Bright


Hey everyone! 🌞  I wanted to bring you a summery scent post so here we go!🏖️

Like a lot of VS, and Impulse mists, Cool and Bright from Victoria’s Secret Pink is another that doesn’t really give you an idea of the scent notes so I thought I’d give you an idea…

The Scent – One note the packaging does give is “Chill Pear” but even looking for it, I don’t smell pear from this.

It’s hard to pick out specific notes but it’s sort of “clean cotton”-y, with some…daisy? lol.

It smells like a £4.99 perfume I had as a teen (I don’t know it’s name but think it was a Superdrug own-brand, it was defo from there anyway). I loved the perfume at the time, but you could tell it was a cheaper scent, and the same goes for this. Not saying that’s a bad thing, as my all-time fave perfumes are all under £30, but you can often smell the difference between cheaper and high-end fragrances 💙

As I mentioned, I’m not getting the pear it’s supposed to have but it does give “happy vibes” lol😎

The Dry Down? – This became a lot more floral after a little while, and the clean cotton kind of smell disappeared🌻

Long Lasting? – Not so much on skin but I could smell whiffs of this on fabric hours later.

Recommended – This is usually £15 but I got it in one of VS’s regular sales where mists were down to £5.99 – Though it’s not a 10/10 I would definitely recommend it as a pick-me-up scent at that price – to be honest, I would probably recommend any VS mist at that price lol, but this one definitely and it’s great for a room spray too💙

One thought on “Scent Review – Victoria’s Secret Cool and Bright

  1. I think the perfume was called Babe. As soon as I smelled it I knew it smelled familiar. Brings back the late 70s early 80s.


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