Fragrance Review – Victoria’s Secret Santorini Neroli Water


Well, it may be September (my birthday month!!!Β πŸ₯³) but I’m clearly still not done with summer scents yet 😎 😁

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Autumn vanilla/pumpkin scents (especially when Bath and Body Works bring out their’s and it’s the first thing that hits you when you walk in😍) but fresh, aquatic scents always get me.

That brings me to Victoria’s Secret’s Santorini Neroli Water Fragrance Mist which I couldn’t resist in the Β£5.99 mist sale; so how does it smell?

First thing some of you may be wondering: is this anything like Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino? (if I see anything with Neroli in the name I always have a sniff to see if they’re similar) The answer: No – not at all (not gonna lie was kinda disappointed).

This is definitely a pretty scent but get this, have you ever smelled flat Irn Bru? (Probs not lol, and I’m talking old recipe, now discontinued Irn Bru) this smells a lot like it.

After the initial flat Irn Bru (which is a fruit flavoured drink) it dried into a more floral scent – kind of like furniture polish (I’m not making this sound great ay?πŸ˜„).

It’s defo not as bad as I’ve made it sound, it’s a nice daytime scent for summer/autumn. It’s described on the bottle as Neroli Water and Butterfly Lily – it’s not aquatic, the lily is there, but the citrusy neroli is very very light.

Recommended? If you like lily give it a go, but if you’re looking for a new VS mist and you haven’t had the chance to smell any, I’d recommend trying something different πŸ’™



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