Reviewing..VS Vanilla Swirl Fragrance Mist


Hey babes, a little VS fragrance mist review today 💗

I am super happy to say Victoria’s Secret have really hit the mark with this scent!

The Scent – Straight away you get the vanilla – there’s a lot of alcohol there too that needs a little minute to dry off too but after that you get caramel too.

It smells so like one of these sweets I used to see when I was younger – I had to go get a picture rather than describe it lol. I found out they’re toffee rather that caramel but looking at the swirl design these definitely could’ve been the inspiration for this mist.


Dry Down – It becomes more of a powdery vanilla scent after a little while – still very pretty but a slightly more mature take on sweet vanilla.

Recommended? – If you love vanilla and caramel-sweet-type smells then this is defo for you 🥰

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