Reviewing..DW Home Christmas Scents

Every year you tend to get the same scents and colours – the classic go-tos.

DW Home didn’t fail with the classic festive scents; here’s just two – Cinnamon Stick and Holiday Spice.

Holiday Spice featured a frosty glass jar with matching lid (I like these lids – they feel heavy and safe and also don’t dent easily like the metal ones that DW often use).

The scent on the jar is described as “Cinnamon Spiced, Crushed Clove and Sweet Toasted Nutmeg are abound by warm Amber and Cashmere Musk.”

For me this was really subtle for a spice candle and actually quite aftershave-y – this has to be the cashmere musk – the spice is only really an undertone it’s much more a subtle masculine cologne-type scent and I couldn’t really pick up the cloves.

Onto Cinnamon Stick – this is one you’ll be so familiar with – the smell is just like Cinnamon Fire Ball sweets! 🔥

It’s like many cinnamon candles I’ve smelled before but I’d say this is one of the better ones.

It was only the mini-size I had but this had decent throw in my living room – it didn’t fill the whole house or even hall but as mentioned this would have been more to do with the Mini size (107g if I remember rightly) rather than the candle quality.

I also loved the wooden lid of this one with its nativity scene – such a nice touch!

Final Thought? – Highly recommended 👍These were just £2.99 each from TK Maxx which I think is a great price (obviously I’d recommend the Cinnamon Stick a lot more than Holiday Spice)- and they’re really great for little mini gifts too.

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