Reviewing DW Home Rainbow Caticorn Candle 😻

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing great!

Today I’m bringing you a little scent review for DW Home’s Rainbow Caticorn candle.

Know all know I love sparkle so I adore the glitter effect and the pink-white colour scheme, plus the cute little Caticorn too 😻

Now to the most important thing – the scent. I’ve done my fave thing for scent reviewing and asked another two very different people for their views –

6 Year Old Girl – “reminds me of the cream you put on your chest to stop you coughing” (She means Vicks Vaporub – I really don’t get this at all 😂 so fun hearing a kid’s perspective on things)

Guy – “Sugar, sugar cookies”

My thoughts – I think this is a recycled scent from DW’s Valentines collection – the little candles with the love hearts on the lids – it’s smells just like one of them but I can’t remember which. I’m sure the scent was described as “sugared rose petals”.

Recommend? – If you loved DW’s Valentines collection this scent is definitely for you 💕

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