Reviewing… Miss Patisserie Crystal Bath Wand

Hey everyone 💕 Sorry if my recent pictures have been showing up huge; I’m still trying to get used to WordPress’s Block layout – and am blogging from my phone too so not sure how things look on desktop etc. yet.

Anyhoo, the real subject of the post! Miss Patisserie’s Quartz Crystal Bath Wand.

I found this in TKMaxx for £2.99, and they also have a gift box of 3 different scents for £9.99.

There were a few colours available but of course I was going to choose pink, and I’m so glad I did because I kept getting a whiff of something gorgeous from my shopping bag and discovered it was this – I hadn’t even noticed the smell in the store but it’s beautiful – if this is what Palo Santo smells like then I adore it.

Here’s a little peek of the ingredients for anyone interested- notice it says Rose Quartz stone!!! Such an exciting little feature to look forward to getting at the end of the Bath ✨

Here’s a little look at the wand without the label – it’s a different colour underneath where the label was – not sure if this was caused by the glue etc. but I didn’t notice any colouring like this on the wands in the gift set which didn’t have the labels.

Finally, here’s a look at the gorgeous pink water – and I have to say finally, as I forgot to take a picture of my little Rose Quartz Crystal 🤦‍♀️ – it’s a polished Crystal for anyone interested, not a raw Crystal.

Recommended? – Absolutely, this is like a little luxury from Lush but without the price tag (not sure the cost when not bought in TK Maxx). It smelled beaut’ 💕 and also had the amazing extra feature of including a Quartz Crystal – I defo want to try more of these myself too!

Happy weekend everyone, and if you’ve any Bath Bomb recommendations please let me know in the comments 😘

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