Primark Clueless Perfume

Hey everyone! 💗

It’s been a little while since my last post as things have been super hectic but I wanted to bring you a little post about this Clueless perfume as I was unable to find anything out about it myself.

This little Eau de Parfum was just £2.50 – the bottle is pretty small – I think about 15ml, but as a Clueless fan I thought it was definitely worth it.

I actually found this in the children’s section – the little bit where they keep the lip balms, stationery etc. If you’re looking for it.

The smell – It was pretty floral at first but dried down to a kind of raspberry smell – similar to Victoria’s Secret Rare Diamonds Body Mist which is a hibiscus/raspberry mix – but this scent had a bit more powdery-ness to it iykwim 🌸

As you’d expect for the price, it didn’t last too long.

There’s not much more to the perfume as you can see in the pics – no scent description etc. but for £2.50 it’s a great little item for your dressing table that I’d definitely recommend if you’re a fan of the film 💝

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