Reviewing DW Home Rustic Spruce Candle

Do you ever end up buying something just because of a cute animal?! 🐿

Well, you can tell I do 😂

Hey, everyone 👋 Today I’m bringing you a little scent review for DW Home’s Rustic Spruce candle.

I have to tell you DW got it pretty spot on with this one – not that I really know what the “rustic” part is about but this candle is Spruce tree 🌲 to a t.

It’s described as “evergreen, fresh cypress and wild spruce embrace patchouli with hints of fir balsam” – I’m not quite sure about all that but spruce and fir are what this candle is all about.

It was £5.99 at TK Maxx which is pretty good for a medium sized candle like this. I usually buy this size and they last about a week when being lit for a few hours every night.

I love walking into scents like pine when I’m out and it’s real but it’s defo not my go-to for a candle – as I mentioned above, the real draw with this candle was it’s gorgeous wood squirrel design lid – I absolutely adore it – thinking it will be perfect to be reused as a decoration or coaster etc. 🤔

Recommended? Definitely – whether you’re a fresh tree scent lover, or just looking for a lovely autumn home decoration – this is a brilliant buy

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