Reviewing Boots Harry Potter Snitch Bath Fizzer

Hi everyone! 👋

As you might know already, I’m a big Harry Potter fan, so I absolutely adore seeing all the merch and goodies that come out for Christmas.

This is a little review for Boots Snitch-inspired Bath Fizzer – I’m going to give you my opinion really quickly – I do not recommend this.

First thing – I had visions of a dreamy golden bath- imagine a bath of Felix Felicis ✨✨✨✨ – but…nah, you can see in the picture, the gold on the “Snitch” is just a light coating – not even a dusting like you usually get in Lush, so it kind of flakes/peels off and gives very little gold sparkle effect.

Now, the main issue for me – this was rough, like really rough – once the rounded edge had fizzed off it became like a pumice stone – or how I imagine a piece of coral must feel – you know that type you see cutting peoples’ feet in films.

It is a novelty item so I could deal with the roughness but it’s £6!!!! That’s Lush pricing – with nowhere there the scent, effect, or smooth quality – I’ve never felt a lush Bath Bomb that’s went rough like this one – but I have had 99p ones that have.

Recommended? – Nooo…It’s such a great idea but not made well at all for the money – if you’re thinking of getting this for a Harry Potter fan, I’d defo rethink and get them one of the makeup bags or other items Boots has in the same price range 👍

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