Soap and Glory Original Pink Rollerball Perfume

🌷🌷🌷 Not gonna lie, the price tag got me – this was £4 AND it was on Boots famous Christmas 3 for 2 🤩

I’ve never been the hugest fan of Soap and Glory – I never saw all the hype when everyone else was going crazy for Christmas gift sets years ago BUT…after being gifted some Soap and Glory, getting to know the scents and receiving compliments on them, I quickly got to know the reasons people liked it, and I’ve had at least one Soap and Glory product on-the-go since.

This little product is a rollerball version of S&G’s famous Original Pink scent: if you’re not familiar with all the different fragrances and their names, this is probably the one you’ll have smelled and be most aware of.

Personally I like Call of Fruity and even the Coco-Colada smells better, but there is something really unique and appealing about Original Pink so I can see why it’s the best seller.

Anyway, about this rollerball – you get 10ml which is pretty decent for the price – Victoria’s Secret will have you pay about £15 for the same size for reference.

It’s Vegan-friendly 😻 and is free from parabens 🥳

It has good strength and staying power – a few hours…it would be expecting a bit much to expect more at this price.

Recommended? – if you know and love the Original Pink scent, this is a must-have for you – stock up while you can – Boots often bring out a Soap & Glory perfume for Christmas then discontinue them right after

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