Depop Peeps!

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this little Depop pic since the app added a little “share my store” button to make pics like this. My page is beautybloggersales and I will always follow back as long as you follow me so just click for an extra follower 🤗 P.S. – If you want some […]

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I Bought a Waffle Maker!!!

New kitchen goodness I am so excited about!!!! I seen that these dealies were going to be on-sale in Lidl so made sure to be there on release day (I have no idea how quick Lidl stuff sells out but know they always say once its gone, its gone, so was in in the morn). […]

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I’ve Joined Depop

Like the title tells ya, I joined Depop! – I actually got the app some time ago and never used it but now I’ve decided to get more active. I picked beautybloggersales as my username thinking it would be a good place to sell some of the products I tried and didn’t like, or that […]

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