Derry Girls

Why you leave so soon? Any support groups out there, please point me their way.Β  I’m not that bad but I actual ADORED this show and am so happy that after a quick Google I seen Channel 4 has already commissioned a second season. Also on Googling I found this article – How can Claire […]

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Derry Girls!

I need to talk about Derry Girls – why does no one else I know watch this? Why has no one else around me totally fell for Erin, Claire, Michelle, Orla, and James like I have – I even love ma Mary and da Gerry. Thanks for reminding me how amazing the Cranberries were also […]

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Scottish Harry Potter!

Check out this lil’ guy! These are not my pics I seen them on-line but how awesome does this book look. Maybe it’s just me and the fact I’m Scottish, and totally love Harry Potter but I have to have this lil guy and must search every book store til I find it (cos I’m […]

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Game of Thrones Finale Nail Art

Game of Thrones finale tomorrow 😱😁😒 (all these mixed feels) I’m super excited and cannot wait to see what’s gonna happen and decided to try out some GOT nail art while I wait. I decided to do the House Sigils – Lannister, Star, Targaryen, and….? πŸ€”I wanted to do someone I liked but also had […]

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