A little Positivity β™₯

πŸ’™Β Just wanted to leave this here πŸ’™ Finding Tony Robbins, amongst other people, really useful during this time. The past definitely doesn’t dictate the future and that’s such a great thing to remember when thoughts can some times end up going there. This is just a lil’ quick post but hope it’s helped brighten your […]

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Hello October!

Happy October everyone! Hoping we all have an AMAZING month. Expect my blog posts to be Halloween-y and my nail swatches to be darker than usual this month πŸ˜‚ 😘

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Kindess Rocks

I first saw a pic of these on the Swift Life and wanted to put in here to share, and so I will remember about them and make some when I have a little spare time. I had never seen these before but was so inspired by them as I’m all for bringing a little […]

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