Help Me Anyone, Just Be There

Just putting this here for anyone that needs it because I do. I’ve not blogged in so long because I’ve been stuggling with things, the people around me know and I’ve told them how they can help, and yesterday after everything has been too much for months and months I was pushed to an emotional […]

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Scottish Harry Potter!

Check out this lil’ guy! These are not my pics I seen them on-line but how awesome does this book look. Maybe itโ€™s just me and the fact Iโ€™m Scottish, and totally love Harry Potter but I have to have this lil guy and must search every book store til I find it (cos Iโ€™m […]

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The Best in Hamilton – Mavrix

Hey everyone, today I bring you Mavrix – if anyone can genuinly let me know a place that does better food in Hamilton, honestly let me know as I’d love to try.ย  I’d go as far as saying Mavrix isn’t just the best I’ve tried in Hamilton but the best in South Lanarkshire for American-style […]

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